About Us

About Us

The Yogi family of Sites (Real-Estate-Yogi, Credit-Yogi, and Legal-Yogi) have been helping people since 1999 with free expert advice and live consultations. It’s a stress-free environment for consumers who need answers to important financial and legal questions.

All our sites are connected to a vast network of real estate and financial experts as well as attorneys nationwide. In fact, our database contains over 160,000 individuals, any number of which are available around the clock to talk to in real-time with just a click.

We all know you must do your homework when looking for reliable information on the web, so we designed our websites to educate consumers before making any decisions. We understand all cases are different and that each person will need a tailored solution based on their specific needs.

We believe in finding the right solution for the individual in this way, rather than trying to offer some prepackaged plan that may be right for some but not for everyone. Since we aim to educate, we like to encourage people to speak to independent experts offering a free consultation and compare programs. Speak to several experts. You’ll be glad you did.

On Real-Estate-Yogi.com you will find all sorts of information about any real estate question. From, home buying and selling, poor credit issues, all the way to the division of real estate assets during divorce. Our mission is to provide our clients with the most current information and to guide them to solutions at the lowest possible cost.

Real Estate Yogi is an information service for real estate that provides people with real estate needs an opportunity to receive free consultations from experts in the field. While also giving you a comprehensive look at debt consolidation and other credit repair options available to you.

Let us know if you find these resources helpful. It’s difficult to put up written information about every scenario. If you have a question not answered on the site, or you simply want to discuss your situation with an expert in-depth, Fill out a quick request form anywhere on the site. Your request will immediately be sent to the cell phone of a lawyer or real estate professional standing by. The initial consultations are always free without any obligation to hire anyone, ever. 

Happy browsing 😊
The Real-Estate-Yogi Team

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