Take Control of Your Finances - Sell Your Home Before Foreclosure

Are you worried about foreclosure? Let Real Estate Yogi help you sell your home fast and avoid foreclosure.

Our database of experts will guide you through the process and ensure a successful outcome.

Act Fast To Avoid Foreclosure

Anyone can stay caught up on mortgage payments, even under the best circumstances. Job loss, unexpected emergencies, illness, death, and other financial crises can lead to a foreclosure if you don’t act fast. Adjustable rate mortgages and predatory lenders can also cause financial ruin. The initial low-interest rate of an ARM may be tempting. Still, it can result in higher mortgage payments during an economic downturn.
Payday loans and high-interest subprime lenders can trap borrowers in a never-ending cycle of debt. Divorce or separation can also lead to foreclosure, especially if it results in a loss of income. Foreclosure is time-consuming and can damage your credit score. Selling your home before foreclosure can save you the foreclosure costs and help you restore your credit faster. Take action immediately. Act quickly to avoid foreclosure and protect your financial future.

Foreclosure Prevention Services

You may wonder, “Can I sell my house fast before foreclosure?” It may not be possible for the borrower to find someone willing to purchase their home to prevent foreclosure. Another problem might be selling the house quickly or for enough to pay off the existing mortgage. This may mean the borrower needs to explore other options, including loan modification or seeking help from a real estate resource such as Real Estate Yogi. We can help you in the following ways:

Educate you about the laws surrounding pre-foreclosure sales

Since laws vary from state to state, our representatives will provide information based on your location.


Provide tips for getting the highest possible home sale price

During a pre-foreclosure sale, you want the highest possible sales price, and we can provide tips for doing that.

Provide guidance on how to negotiate the sale

We will guide you in the process of negotiating the sale of your home.

Provide additional resources to help you clean up your credit after the sale

Once the sale is complete, you can use the resources we provided to help you get your credit back on the right track.

Handle and explain all the paperwork involved

Real Estate Yogi has expertise in all phases of pre-foreclosure sales and will help you prepare the paperwork and ensure you understand everything.

Don't lose your home to foreclosure!

Real Estate Yogi can help you sell your home fast and avoid foreclosure. Get expert guidance for a successful outcome.

Benefits of Selling Your Home in Pre-foreclosure

In general, if you can sell your home for more than you owe on it, then a pre-foreclosure sale is something to consider. You would keep the difference between what you owe and the selling price. Here are some benefits of selling your home pre-foreclosure:
satisfied couple selling home
Cash from the Sale

You keep all proceeds from the sale of your home after subtracting what you owe your lender, plus taxes, any liens, and commissions. Potentially, you could close that deal with tens of thousands of dollars to put toward a more affordable housing option.

happy client having control in selling her house
Stay in Control ​

Unlike a foreclosure or a short sale, you still have control over the sale of your house, almost like you would in a regular home sale. The only difference is time. If your lender is working on foreclosing, you have to get it sold before foreclosure.

woman looking at her credit score
Protect Your Credit

A pre-foreclosure sale does not damage your credit. It does not affect your credit score.

Choosing to sell your home in a pre-foreclosure sale rather than a short sale will always be more advantageous to you. In a short sale, your lender would receive all the proceeds from the sale of your house. In a foreclosure, you lose your home, and your credit is severely damaged.

Why Choose Real Estate Yogi

Choosing Real Estate Yogi to sell your home in a pre-foreclosure sale can be beneficial. Some of the reasons you may wish to choose to work with us are:

The easiest way to avoid foreclosure is by selling your home before foreclosure. You avoid the legal expenses involved in foreclosure. Not only that, but it is much easier to restore your credit if you sell your home in pre-foreclosure.

When a lender files for foreclosure, there are costs involved in pursuing the case. These costs are added fees, and the lender will pass those costs to the borrower. This will reduce any possible refund the lender owes to the borrower.

A foreclosure can cause a substantial amount of damage to your credit. When you avoid foreclosure by selling, it does less damage to your credit. There is still a history of late payments, but foreclosure is more damaging to your credit.

Knowing your home is in danger of foreclosure can create enormous stress. Selling your home before it goes into foreclosure removes the stress of losing it and may even encourage you to consider your next steps.

If you have lived in your home long enough, you have probably built up some equity. By letting the home go into foreclosure, you risk losing that because the lender will put the home out for bids, and you risk the possibility it won’t sell for enough even to clear your mortgage, let alone have anything left over.

By quickly getting rid of the home that is pulling you down financially, you have time to rebuild your life and move on. Whether that means finding an apartment or moving in with relatives for the time being, you at least have a chance to look to the future and stop worrying about how you’ll pay the mortgage.

Selling your home will put more money in your pocket because you will no longer have increasing mortgage debt. We assist with foreclosure by helping you sell your home before the foreclosure process is complete. With our assistance, the home may sell before the lender completes the paperwork.

With Real Estate Yogi, you will get information from lawyers on how to advertise your home SAFELY. The information we provide will help you learn how to recognize scams.

Save Your Home!

With Real Estate Yogi, you will get information from lawyers on how to advertise your home SAFELY. The information we provide will help you learn how to recognize scams.

What To Expect From Pre-foreclosure Sales

When you work with the professionals at Real Estate Yogi toward a pre-foreclosure sale, you can expect the following:

Consult with 4 independent experts

Speak with four experts. Evaluate options and confirm program legitimacy—the quickest and simplest path to significant outcomes.

Sell before the foreclosure

This is the best option we can offer. You want to sell the house before foreclosure to save the cost of the foreclosure, preserve your equity, and restore your good credit history.

Emotional awareness

We are real humans at Real Estate Yogi, and we understand the stress you are under right now. We want to help you get back on track by removing the fear of losing your home in a foreclosure sale.

Lightning-fast sales process

Selling a foreclosure home can appear stressful, long, and tedious. We streamline the process so it proceeds lightning-fast and gives you peace of mind. Just tell us, “I want to sell my house fast before foreclosure,” and we will help you do that.

HUD-Approved counseling

HUD has approved a number of agencies to provide counseling to consumers. The information includes different aspects of home ownership and how to prevent foreclosure.

After-sales support

Our assistance doesn’t end with the sale of your home. Afterward, we provide a clear road map to help you rebuild your financial and credit life.

Legal knowledge and consultation about foreclosure rules

If selling your home is not viable, we will advise you. Other options are available, and we will let you know what they are.

Availability of alternative programs

We will help you find other programs that may be available. For instance, you might want to wrap all debt into foreclosure. This will allow you to save any assets you desire to keep.

Aiding the bidding process vs. the time allotted

Potential buyers can place bids during public auctions when a property is placed on the auction block during foreclosure. The time frames vary depending on where the auction takes place and the circumstances surrounding the foreclosure. If you want to participate in the bidding process, we can provide guidance and educate you on the rules.

Don't lose your home to foreclosure!


What happens if I have no equity in my home? What if my mortgage is in negative equity?

If you have no equity in your home, you will not receive any cash from the sale if you want to avoid foreclosure by selling. You also risk not having enough cash to pay off the mortgage.

When does it become too late to prevent foreclosure?

Once the home goes to auction and a new party owns the property, it is too late for the previous owner to reclaim it. Some states may even say you cannot reclaim the property on the day of the sale. The rules vary, so you must educate yourself on foreclosure delay tactics.

Can I sell my home while in foreclosure?

Yes, you can sell your home while in foreclosure if the auction has not ended or you have not bypassed the period for reclaiming your property. It’s beneficial to avoid foreclosure by selling your house.

How can I avoid a deficiency judgment in foreclosure?

You can avoid a deficiency judgment if you avoid foreclosure in Salt Lake or any other place you may live. In a short sale, you can have the lender agree to waive his right to a deficiency judgment. You can consent to the foreclosure and ask the lender to agree to waive any potential deficiency judgment.

Can you sell your house if it’s in forbearance?

If you can sell the home for more than what you owe, selling it in forbearance should be no problem. You need to be clear enough to pay the lender for any missed or deferred payments, although these should be included as part of the amount you owe.

Can you refinance to avoid foreclosure?

Once your home is in foreclosure, you cannot refinance. The best thing is to bring your payments current to avoid foreclosure and then apply to refinance. It is difficult to refinance if you have missed payments on your existing mortgage.

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