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Pre-Listing Inspections and Savvy Sellers

Once your house is in its very best condition, it is recommended you obtain a pre-listing inspection. Doing this will help you obtain a final, objective, outside assessment of your property. This may include information about repairs, defects, immediate concerns, and safety issues that might have been overlooked. Besides helping you make informed decisions about further pre-sale home improvements, it will also prevent any problems from arising that could open up the possibility for buyers to negotiate your asking price.

The benefits of a pre-listing home inspection are many; not only will it help you price your home realistically, but it also instills confidence in potential buyers. It may also help you lessen the liability after the sale is complete. Even if some states do not license home inspectors, it is always a good idea to look for recommendations from your local real estate resources. Generally, your inspector will belong to the American Society of Home Inspectors. He or she will be a licensed professional working in the real estate or property development industry in some form.

If you search for a credible inspector, try to interview as many as possible before settling with the one you feel comfortable with. You should research their experiences inspecting a particular type of house and property (for example, a farm, condominium, etc.). Most of the time, the inspector will be available to meet with potential buyers to go through their report with them, but that may not always be an option. Receipts for any repairs should be included in this report and be available to potential buyers before they make an offer.

You should keep in mind the efforts you put in pre-sale repairs will undoubtedly pay off, so make the best of it. Usually, a small investment in minor repairs is all it takes to get your home in its best condition, making it as appealing as possible to the buyers who will be ready to pay top dollar. Buyers who are interested in fixer-uppers may make minimum offers on houses that are not in their best condition, and even so, there aren’t many who are willing to take the job.

All being said, you must avoid overspending or completely “remodeling” beyond the improvements in keeping with property in your neighborhood. It’s not too difficult to get started; just ask the YOGI!

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