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Selling Your Home: How to transition from “Your Home” to “House for sale”

Once you’re ready to sell your home, it’s very important to prepare it to be as appealing to buyers as possible. You’ve put a lot of work into making it your home, but now you need to transition it into a marketable house for sale.

Tips for Transitioning your Home

De-Personalize It!

Remove family photos, collectibles, accessories, and other personal touches that make your house a home. Buyers need to be able to imagine their own personal touches. The depersonalization also makes buyers feel less like they’re intruding when viewing your home.

De-clutter and Organize

Get rid of stuff you don’t need and won’t need once you move. All surfaces should be clear or have minimal items on them. You may need to clean out cabinets and drawers, so you have room to stow items you need but shouldn’t be left sitting out. For example, a bathroom vanity should have nothing on it, but since you’ll need your soap and toothpaste, etc., put those items in a drawer.

Hire Professional Transition Help to Get Top Dollar for Your House

The tips above are things you can easily do yourself. But it’s highly recommended to bring in a pro to help you with these important steps. Doing so will add appeal to your home and help you get your asking price.

Real Estate Yogi can get you in touch with any or all of these experts right now, at no cost or obligation! A good real estate agent knows what your house needs to look like to appeal to buyers in your market. He or she can help you depersonalize, arrange furniture for the most visual impact, and guide you on what other services you may need. These services are included when you list your home with that agent, so there’s no extra cost to get this kind of help.

Home Improvement Professionals

Fixing anything that’s broken, and making visual or functional improvements will go a long way in giving your house the “wow” factor. The more move-in-ready your house looks, the happier most buyers will be. More importantly, you won’t have buyers negotiating you down on price because of work they’re going to have to do.

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What Home Improvements Should You Do Before Selling Your Home?

That depends on how much time you have, how much you want to invest, and how much value the improvements will bring to your home. Fixing anything that’s actually broken or distracting from the aesthetic appeal is a must. Remodeling your home for selling is a bigger investment, but could pay off well. See Remodeling Your Home for Sellingto learn what types of remodeling will significantly increase the price of your home.

These are the general home improvements that will help your home sell:

Curb appeal: You can lose a potential buyer just from curb appeal alone. You never get a second chance to make a first impression, so make sure the front of your home looks beautiful and inviting. Paint the trim, power wash the siding, and improve the landscaping if needed. Make sure your mailbox is in good shape, and your house number are freshly painted or replaced.

Replace old carpet: Outdated or worn carpeting is a huge turnoff to buyers. Even though it’s a hassle, replacing carpeting makes everything look better, newer and fresher. When you can tell buyers the carpeting is brand new, that’s a big selling point. Replace it with a neutral color.

Remove popcorn ceilings: No one (other than builders) likes popcorn ceilings! They are outdated, and unfortunately, very noticeable to buyers. If your home was built before 1979, you’ll need to hire a professional to remove the popcorn, as it likely has asbestos. Like new carpeting, a fresh ceiling makes the whole house look updated.

Remove outdated window treatments: Window treatments are strictly a matter of taste. What one person loves another thinks is awful. Unless your window treatments are the very latest, and extremely popular, it’s better to just remove them.

Paint in neutrals: It’s best to paint every room in a neutral color – some shade of white – so buyers are not distracted by your choice of color, and can visualize their own décor. This is true for kids’ rooms too, which are often painted in bright colors. Keep it all neutral.

Replace outdated fixtures: Your light fixtures and faucets may be outdated and detract from the appeal. This is a minimal investment that goes a long way toward making your home feel updated and fresh.

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