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Your information will be protected and only used by Real-estate-yogi.com or OCONCO and their marketing partners. If a screening determines the product or service of interest may not be available we will refer you to one of our partners that specializes in that product or service or we will notify you by phone, email, or secondary webpage announcements after you have completed your request. The privacy policy of our marketing partners will dictate distribution of information once given to them.

Unless requested not to and regardless of whether or not your phone number is listed on the Federal Do Not Call List, we may (1)Follow up by telephone or e-mail on any request to verify you received the product or service you applied for, (2)verify you were satisfied with the service you received, (3)contact you by phone or email to see if you would like to attempt to place the request again if the prior attempt did not achieve the result you desired and we feel another attempt or related product or service would yield a different outcome.

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